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Every great organisation is supposed to have a philosophy, Here is ours.

We are young, bright and brilliant, we want to create advertising that’s not advertising. We want to create culture. We want to create unique solutions. In the business of wafer thin margins we dare to start our shop because we are crazy about this business like mothers are crazy about their kids. We love ideas like children, but we only nurture those that are truly worthy of greatness. We want to solve the client’s problems with unique design and strategy solutions. We are a full service agency. We are a company which is extremely employee friendly. We have a bottled drinking water, swivel chairs, chess, carom, foosball, and computer games in our office. We also have computers in our office. We have Macs in our office. We have a decent library. We have good clients. They are happy with us, they pay well and well on time. We have a smoking balcony. We have been doing great work and we intend to do work which makes most of the industry jealous. We want to have fun and we want to make money doing what we like to do.